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To Infinity and Beyond!

(Well maybe not infinity, but 400 miles above the earth is close!)

So yesterday, I went to visit a fellow ham friend of mine (K4RGK) to discuss antennas and such.  I had been over once before and was fascinated by an antenna setup in the back yard.  It was a combination of 2 circularly polarized yagis (2m and 70cm) mounted on to a base with 2 rotors!  One rotor controlled azimuth and the other controlled elevation.  This was indeed designed for satellite work! Continue reading To Infinity and Beyond!


It was a difficult email to read last night when I learned that Tad, WF4W, passed away. He was in the hospital experiencing heart related issues and was expecting possible heart surgery any day. His family was keeping the local clubs up to date on his progress and had the difficult task of sharing the news of his unfortunate passing. Continue reading RONALD L WILLIAMSON, JR “Tad”, WF4W, SK