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My little CW operator!

My daughter has chosen to do a school project on morse code!  I have to admit that when I heard this, I was pleasantly surprised.  Not having all of the equipment that she would need, I reached out to my local club.   A friend and fellow CW enthusiast loaned me a set of paddles and a keyer/oscillator.

The primary part of her presentation involves her research and the history of morse code but with the loaned equipment, she’ll now be able to give a demonstration of how it works.  I offered up the suggestion that she learn how to send her name in CW to be able to demonstrate it during her presentation.

My daughter went straight to practicing her name in morse code.  We worked with it for no more than an hour.  She actually caught on very well .  Below is a video  that I took of her once she “got” it.  You should at least be able to tell what her name is!

Even at 10 years old, she is making me proud of her every day!