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DXCC…. well kinda!

I have had a few extra hours to spend on the radio over the last 2 months!  In this time, I have dedicated myself to working on my DXCC!  Its seems that DXCC is almost the probationary goal of new hams interested in working DX! In fact, some clubs only offer provisional (or associate) membership for operators who have not yet obtained their DXCC awardContinue reading DXCC…. well kinda!

To Infinity and Beyond!

(Well maybe not infinity, but 400 miles above the earth is close!)

So yesterday, I went to visit a fellow ham friend of mine (K4RGK) to discuss antennas and such.  I had been over once before and was fascinated by an antenna setup in the back yard.  It was a combination of 2 circularly polarized yagis (2m and 70cm) mounted on to a base with 2 rotors!  One rotor controlled azimuth and the other controlled elevation.  This was indeed designed for satellite work! Continue reading To Infinity and Beyond!

Announcing the Activation of a new Transceiver feature!


It is not well known but for many years the major manufacturers of HF transceivers, have quietly fitted them with a special circuit that would cause your transceiver to internally combust should you use it to exhibit poor operating practices.  Like maintaining a nuclear deterrent, they have always lived in hope that they would never be forced to activate this circuit. However manufacturers have been concerned for some time with the poor behavior of many operators when using their equipment and what they have heard during the current Tromelin Island DXpedition has forced them to act.  Therefore on 0000z Saturday 15 November 2014 a coded message will be sent to all transceivers they have sold activating this circuit. Continue reading Announcing the Activation of a new Transceiver feature!

Does anyone have any manners these days?

I have spent quite a few hours on HF lately now that I have an awesome antenna in the air.  Mostly listening and getting familiar with the different bands and such but I have been making several attempts to break through some pileups and make some contacts.  In my brief experience, I either break through in the first or second call or it takes a while to finally get through.  Not a whole not of middle ground is to be found.  What makes things worse is the conduct of other operators trying to get through the piles ups as well. Continue reading Does anyone have any manners these days?