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Audio from road trip to Gatlinburg

A few years ago, I remember a QSO with a friend of mine, who will remain nameless (But his call sign is KT4LS), that a repeater in Gatlinburg, Tennessee had a few “interesting” repeater announcements.  In fact, my friend did, what I thought to be, a pretty good interpretation of a “sexy” announcement that I wish I had recorded for our own local repeater.  (I am sure he would have really appreciated that!)  Continue reading Audio from road trip to Gatlinburg

Does anyone have any manners these days?

I have spent quite a few hours on HF lately now that I have an awesome antenna in the air.  Mostly listening and getting familiar with the different bands and such but I have been making several attempts to break through some pileups and make some contacts.  In my brief experience, I either break through in the first or second call or it takes a while to finally get through.  Not a whole not of middle ground is to be found.  What makes things worse is the conduct of other operators trying to get through the piles ups as well. Continue reading Does anyone have any manners these days?