RF Identity Crisis

My trade, I am a paramedic.  In this hobby, I am an amateur radio operator.  The use of RF is found in both activities along with different sets of radio etiquette.  I was doing well at first but I have had a few slip-ups on the air.  Here is a story about 2 of them. 

We all know the typical radio etiquette used on the bands so I won’t go into that portion of the story.  Just to give a little insight of my dilemma, let me share a bit about what the requirements are while operating the public safety bands.

During the evolution of a medical call, we are required to repeat the call address back to dispatch, up and until the point that we arrive on scene to ensure the accuracy of understood information.   If this doesn’t happen for whatever reason, dispatch will confirm with the information with the unit responding.  This particular call, I didn’t totally abide by procedures (which normally isn’t an big issue) and this is how things went.  (My unit number and the address are both fictional)

Dispatch: Med 23, Respond to 123 North Main Street.
Me: Med 23 is responding to 123 North Main Street from the station.

Me:  Med 23 is on scene. (I was supposed to repeat the address)
Dispatch:   Med 23, confirming you’re on scene at 123 North Main Street?

Another instance occurred when we were clearing the hospital from dropping off a patient.  We were due to return to our station for crew change.  Here is how this exchange went down.

Me:  Med 23 is clear of the hospital and in service.
Dispatch: Med 23, you are clear for home station for crew change.  Have a great day.
Me:  Med 23 is clear on home station.  You have a great day as well.   73


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