Amateur Extra License Upgrade!

Many of you know that I have been going for my Amateur Extra license for the last couple of weeks.  Well… this morning, I passed my test!  The circumstances really couldn’t have been any more appropriate. 

When I got my Technician, I took a day long ham cram session with a local radio club, North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL).  We all took the test at the end of the day and I passed!  I picked up my General ticket at the Atlanta / Kennehoochee joint hamfest.  I was looking for a local testing session this month (to upgrade to Amateur Extra) when I cam across the NFARL website that listed a testing session this morning.  I studied for the exam with the ARRL Extra Class book and also watched some YouTube videos from David Casler, KE0OG. With these study guides, I was able to successfully pass the exam and earn my Amateur Extra License!

After I completed my test, I was sitting at my table waiting for the VE’s to grade the exam and return the results.  After what felt like forever, the lead VE grabbed some paperwork form his desk and invited me out in the hallway away from the candidates that were still testing.  Ian Kahn, KM4IK, then informed me that I passes and then presented me with the Certificate of  Successful Completion of Exam.

Ian Kahn, KM4IK, was the first ham radio operator that I randomly met after obtaining my technician ticket.  We made multiple 2 meter contacts on our commutes to and from work.  We even made an HF contact when I was operating from Haiti as HH2/K4NHW.  He’s just an all around great guy.  What an honor it was to have him present me with the good news today!

With that, I think I hear someone calling CQ on 14.175.  I think I’ll try to get that station into the logbook!  Hi hi!

Till next time…
73 from K4NHW/AE

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  1. Belated Congrats, Nathan! I didn’t know you had gotten your Extra ticket (you may have said something, and I just missed it (or it’s still churning around unprocessed inside the maelstrom in my head, lol (ADHD sucks))). I’m happy for ya!

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