IMG_6544I was licensed as an amateur radio operator at the technician level in October of 2012.  I upgraded to General Class in June of 2013 and then Amateur Extra in November of 2014.  I am really enjoying my new privileges on the HF bands.

My original hobby before ham radio was woodworking.  My dad taught me the skills as a child that I still use today.  Most of my projects seem to be for necessity or to fill a need, although I have built many custom projects for other people, including ham radio operators.  You can find these projects and such by clicking Wood & Ham.

I still enjoy local 2 meter repeater operation and the occasional 440 contact.  Although not entirely RF, I do enjoy making contacts via Echolink to friends across the globe much easier than HF.  My operation is primarily mobile but you may find me on the base station during my off days.

Since the W1AW contest this year, I am working on my WAS (20 meters).  After I make my few contacts for the week, I am practicing my skills at some DX… Maybe I can start working on my DXCC too!

Speaking of DX, I have enjoyed being on both side of DX and intend on doing some SOTA activations soon!  I have worked DX from the US, Haiti and soon to be Jamaica.  Click on the different call signs above to see my stories about my individual trips and stats.

You can see most of my equipment and ham radio projects on my other pages.  Look around and come back soon.  I’ll be updating often.  If you see an topic of interest, I’d love to hear your replies.  Otherwise, that is about it for me.

I feel like I should insert a catchy phrase here related to ham radio…

Keep those antennas radiating and the tuners… tuning.  Nah! Keep those baluns hanging and those wires too… Uh no! Keep those QSOs coming and those log books logging…  Nope! Keep those mics keys and those airwaves moving… Nevermind…

Just keep doing what you love and I hope to catch ya up and down the bands!


Nathan, K4NHW